Hi, I'm Hadria Beth. You might know me from my line of geeky apparel The Quark Side, or from my astronomy webcomic Microcosm. Now I'm developing my third adventure, Promote Pluto! This game was born out of my love for astronomy and the oh-so-frequently heard lamentation of "Pluto should still be a planet" and "Pluto is still a planet to me"!

(Seriously guys, you don't know how often I hear this.)

So I decided to listen to your woes and make your wishes come true! With Promote Pluto, you get to play the aspiring scientist who wants nothing more than to make Pluto a full on planet once again (no more of this dwarf planet boloney).

Promote Pluto was developed with my gamer geek of a husband, Adam Shaw, along with countless friends and play testers. Promote Pluto wouldn't exist without any of you.